Interview with Prof. Alain Gervaix (Founder) and Alexandre Perez (CTO) of OneScope

Onescope's primary objective is to revolutionize the diagnosis of respiratory diseases by providing an AI-powered diagnostic tool capable of autonomous detection and classification. In terms of our position in the value chain, Onescope operates at the intersection of medical device manufacturing and healthcare technology, providing both hardware and software solutions. As a hardware manufacturer, we produce the Pneumoscope, an AI-powered medical device that integrates a digital stethoscope, a pulse oximeter, and a thermometer. As a software provider, we offer an AI model, DeepBreath, that interprets lung sound patterns and a mobile application for easy access and interpretation of diagnostic results.

What is the role of Rocket Science?

Rocket Science helps us with embedded hard- & software development to take a technology from the drawing board to a marketable product. RS's expertise in acoustic and electronic engineering has enabled us to meet the technical challenges of developing a medical-grade tool. Rocket Science is a key partner for us in product development and industrialization.

How does our collaboration look like?

I've been in contact with Philippe for over 2 years. We started working together in the summer of 2022 with an initial consultancy assignment. After that, we went on to completely change our electronic board and our box. After a year's collaboration, we have a functional electronic board that has successfully passed a number of electrical safety tests for CE marking. The Rocket Science team understood our challenges perfectly and adapted to our roadmap throughout the development process. This kind of flexibility was a game-changer for us to meet our goals.

What is special about our collaboration? Can you name a highlight?

What's special about our collaboration is the involvement of the Rocket Science team in the development of our product. Thanks to their experience, they helped us make many strategic choices in the development process. As we are developing a medical product, the engineers' experience in this field has enabled us to make the right choices and save time. The most significant event was the pre-compliance tests for electrical safety, which were passed at the first attempt!

Why did you choose to work with Rocket Science?

We chose RS first and foremost for their expertise in signal processing. As this is a key element for us, we naturally chose RS. As RS's expertise is diversified in many areas, we chose to continue with the complete development of the hardware part of our device.

Many thanks for this discussion and the great collaboration so far!

Foto: Onescope

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