Concept Diagnostic Robot for Industrial Plants

Detecting an incipient "cold" of an industrial plant before it breaks out.

Imagine a kind of stethoscope for industrial plants that detects and prevents incipient failure situations acoustically. That is precisely what a Diagnostic Robot for Industrial Plants from Rocket Science does.

The challenge

Industrial plants are complex structures. They usually consist of many sub-systems with countless interfaces bringing potential sources of error. Particularly sensitive sub-systems are closely monitored. That is how critical situations or failures are detected. However, when detected, it is often too late. This means that the system has to be taken out of operation, sometimes for a more extended period of time.

The solution

Every industrial plant has its own specific sound. Before a sub-system fails, incipient faults make themselves audible in the form of dissonant patterns. A Diagnostic Robot for Industrial Plants from Rocket Science moves autonomously through the plant and listens to it. As soon as a potential future failure of a sub-system is detected, it recognizes this due to the plant's changed sound pattern. The robot issues a warning and helps to prevent a total failure of the plant.

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