Concept Ambulatory Railway Trackdiagnostics

The train that takes care of its own track.

Imagine that trains could take over the often dangerous and time-consuming work of checking the tracks while running on it.

The challenge

The operational safety of track railway systems must be checked at regular intervals by rail operators to initiate maintenance or replacement in good time. A steady increase in train frequencies and the ever more difficult recruitment of personnel to take on this demanding and dangerous work makes this task increasingly burdensome and expensive for operators.

The solution

A train equipped with Rocket Science's Ambulatory Railway Trackdiagnostics continually checks the condition of the track. Rocket Science makes use of the fact that a "healthy" track system produces a specific sound when the train runs on it. Worn ballast, broken sleepers, loose fasteners, and defective rails are "heard" by the system long before a critical condition occurs. Therefore, maintenance work can be planned in a more efficient, safe, and specific way.

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Using sound

Sound is stronger than light and carries an abundance of information. To date many factories and robots still are deaf. We are here to provide them with ears and use the information to understand and interact effectively.

Shaping sound

The concept of eliminating noise & vibrations with its negative equivalent goes as far back as June 1933, when Paul Lueg filed his patent on “silencing sound oscillations”. Yet active noise control has never found widespread application until recently. Read our case studies to learn how you can use the technology.

life is a time series

Fun fact: Life is a series of events, and analyzing these patterns can help us make better predictions, identify trends, and unlock innovation opportunities.

thinking is like ChatGPT, just cooler

Fun fact: While large language models (LLMs) mimic human thought and communication impressively, it can only truly unlock its potential when partnered with human ingenuity, enabling groundbreaking possibilities across industries.