We work with sound, not rockets

It is our mission to unlock the potential of sound & vibration in different markets and applications, typically working closely with original design manufacturers.

Need to reduce the noise footprint of your industrial plant?

Use our active noise control to reduce unwanted frequencies 24/7 to boost productivity.

Want to change how your product sounds?

Shape sound with our tuned active noise control: ever thought of shaping coffee brewing noise to bring those marketing dreams to life?

Need better noise reduction performance for your headphones or earbuds?

Use our AI enhanced algorithms delivering superior performance to competitors, leveraging what latest silicon has to offer.

Want to enhance the situational awareness of your robot or drone?

Use our active noise insights technology - the ear for things extracts information for decision making in real-time.

Talk to us today to see how this new product dimension can be unlocked, by integrating our technology. Don't be shy to share your crazy project! Others, including fortune 500 companies have done so before.

Our Team

Meet our interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in math, physics, computer science, biology, electrical engineering and economics.

Our work

Read about our projects in real-time signal processing in our success stories.

No buzzwords

Want to know what we do beyond the big words of ai, industry 4.0, iot, embedded, ..? Read our summary for tech-savvy people.


“It is the branch of physics that deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound.”